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Mother holding child's hand

Let's make them shine!

Every child is born a star...


We are a multinational, bilingual community of families and professionals who are united by a common goal: supporting families and individuals with Autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions and creating opportunities to make them, the STARS, shine bright!

Home: Who We Are


We are raising awareness and offering support for families, up-to-date knowledge and insight into the intervention possibilities in and around Lausanne, including families not familiar with the region to help our Stars reach their utmost potential. However, we recognize that this can only happen when the primary caregivers, in most cases the mothers, feel heard and validated.

Home: What We Do


Living with children with neurodevelopmental conditions often requires a savvy parent who knows how and where to find resources to set up a safe, sensory-friendly environment for their children. Our members gain access to our "useful links" page where they can not only find but also share links and tips to useful equipment, materials and tools.


We work closely with the therapists that have been recommended by our community to provide our members access to our network of trusted professionals. We offer families to accompany them on their journey to find the right professionals. 


We offer members to join our Parent Support Group; a safe environment to share experiences and victories but also to vent when no one else seems to understand how on some days it is so challenging to parent/ care for children who do not fit into the molds wider society has designed for them.


Families with children with neurodevelopmental conditions know how difficult it is to take a break sometimes. Our members have access to our network of experienced babysitters who know how to accommodate your child's needs. 



Debora & Bozz

Swissborn, Débora worked with heavily handicapped children before launching her renovation company specialising in limestone  wash and polished concrete.


She's now heading the Vaud homeschool network, homeschooling her four children that didn't really fit the mold. Involved in the world of Autism more specifically to support moms in their kitchen since 2006 with mamansreBelles, she joined Stars in 2018.

Bozz, was born in Mexico, adopted by a wonderful Dutch woman, and eventually ended up in Canada where he was raised and found his passion for the mountains. He left the world of mountain sports in 2003 to do an international MBA were he specialized in finance and entrepreneurialism.


Following that he returned to the mountains of Chamonix where he honed his skills for 7 years. Now living in Switzerland and father of 4, he's gone back to his first love, winter sports, with his own company Skiadomicile based in Lausanne and catering to STARS families as well as professionals and local sports shops.

Irina STARS.jpg


Irina is a nutritional neuroscientist and therapist and holds a PhD degree from Cambridge University and has over 20 years of experience in science and health providing services.


She helps children with ASD and related neurological conditions by restoring the balance between gut and brain, by detoxifying, nourishing and resetting a whole-body biochemical balance.


She operates in the contact with other professionals to provide the maximum boost of neuroplasticity to maximize every child’s potential. Irina is a co-founder and active member of STARS association.



Shaimaa is an attorney, who spent the first 14 years of her career working as a corporate lawyer and legal reform consultant.


She relocated with her family of four to Lausanne in 2016. She is the mother of a child with learning difficulties and has experienced the joys as well as the challenges that living with a Star at home can bring to a family.


Through volunteer work as well as a career shift, she hopes to help her children and other Stars reach their utmost potential and believes in the power of community to achieve that.

Feel Good0161.jpg


Olga is a dedicated mother of four unique and inspiring individuals. Their ages range between 13 and 19, with one child on the Spectrum and another with ADHD. She's is also a Transitioning


Coach for families and young people with autism, founder of Autism Transitions for families and educational services and co-founder of STARS association.


Olga holds a childcare diploma and multiple complimentary diplomas and certifications relevant to Autism, developmental and speech delay, specialised assessments and profiling as well as different coaching modalities.


Olga’s mission is to inspire, support and empower parents, individuals with autism and professionals who are involved with them.

The Team
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