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STARS – Swiss Team for Autism Resources and Solutions


We are a Swiss based, multinational, multilingual community of professionals and caregivers, who are united by a common goal: supporting families and individuals with Autism, and similar neurological / learning / developmental conditions, and creating opportunities for happier lives!


We are raising support, resources, solutions, awareness, knowledge, and, most importantly, we are raising STARS

Each child and individual, regardless of their neurodevelopmental condition, possesses a wealth of hidden potential and talents. The aim of our association is to help individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions, and families that raise them, develop their capacities, to thrive and, in doing so, to achieve their absolute maximum potential in life! Each child is already a STAR, we simply want to help them shine!


We have created a network of professionals and parents, which serves as an educational support platform, propelling Switzerland forward as a European Centre of Resources and Solutions for Autism. 


STARS association is unique in its vision and multidisciplinary solutions approach. We are committed to providing our community with real support through new methods, research and successful individual experiences, in order to improve the conditions of children with ASD and prevent the onset of neurodevelopmental disorders!

​Our international community unites a variety of nations and languages, with whom we operate in English and French! ​

  • Are personally affected by any of these conditions

  • Know someone who is affected by Autism or other neurological disorder

  • Feel that there is not enough help, information, support, understanding, resources available to combat these issues

  • Feel frustrated with the level of accessible socio-medical intervention

  • Feel trapped and alone when facing everyday challenges, with no solution to your problems

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